tweak session

Axel, Pepe, Jerome, Manny and I rode all night around the city on friday night from 12am - 7am then 9am - 10pm. it was a good time and will being doing it again sometime soon. we sessioned various spots around the city hopefully will be doing it as a every other week event. we would like more people to come out for this. we didnt get much footage or pictures either. As far the project is coming along hoping to finish something by the end of the month. take care

Blogger Markie said...
dude, tell me when you guys are doing this, and I will so be there.

Blogger Indy said...
Me and tituz will be out next time for suuuuuuure! just gotta get my bike built up and I'm good to go

Blogger churro da burro said...
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