lately I been experimenting with different parts to find something that is completely dialed in to fit my needs. Dont get me wrong I love my bmw, but I wanted to experiment with a whole different setup. For the pass few week I have put the bmw aside and been riding something else...to me this a whole departure from previous rides. first off would be the much shorter wheelbase compared to my bmw, this frame had such a tight clearance to the point i would have nasty overlap while just riding regularly on the streets but still be able to barspin a 700c. so i got rid of the whole toe clips foot retention setup and gave powergrips a try from what mosher recommended i do..i have been using a shorter stem along with a longer set of bars also which seems to give me more control and be able to huck the rear in the air alot easier then before. tire size was also a concern to me, I have had 32c tires on my bmw but i began questioning is it reallly necessary for such big tires? sure if you will be jumping stair sets all day but that isnt me.. so i decided to size down to 28c that are stuffed with another tire. other then feeling more agile with skinnier tires it doesnt seem like a whole big difference until you start jumping over stuff you start feeling the impact compared to bigger tires. as far wheels just today i was able to get my hands on my new front wheel which is a salsa delgado rim laced to a mke hub 36h 3x. my rear is still not finished which is the same wheel but it will be 4x. im hoping that the wider rim width will provide a much stornger wheel compared to a deep v. after riding it today it has been holding up real well. also picked up some new cranks for the rig some trivutiv omniums these caught my attention since they use a spindle and two bearing cups similiar to bmx cranks. i will let you know well they hold up. anyways.. i do not consider my bike a "track bike" anymore its a "fixed gear". most track specific parts will not hold up to abuse of the type of riding i enjoy done today. =p

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Blogger tj said...
are you selling your 75's???

Blogger Trash Tarck HQ said...
ahh... you bit my steez wid dem omniums!

LULZ/j/k whenare we gonna ride next? LOLZORZ..KEKEKEKEKEKE